Ring sizing:

The most reliable way to find out your ring size is to ask your local jeweler to measure your finger. Most jewellers will do this for free.

Alternately you can order a ring sizer from the shop section of the website by following this link.The sizer works like a belt, simply thread the end though the buckle and adjust it around your finger so that it fits. Please make sure you can also slip the ring sizer back over your knuckle comfortably.

It is also possible to measure your finger using a piece of string. Wrap a piece of string or dental floss around the base of your finger and use a marker to mark the point where the ends meet. Remember to leave enough space to accommodate your knuckle. Then measure the string with a tape measure and send us the length of the string in millimetres when you order your ring. This will enable us to make the ring to the correct size. Alternately, you can cut out the middleman and directly wrap a tape measure around your finger. Please note that while this measurement method works, it tends to be less reliable than the two other methods listed above.

Don’t measure your finger if the weather is too hot or too cold. Fingers tend to swell or shrink slightly when temperatures are very high or very low.

Please be careful in choosing your ring size. All of our rings are made to order and fit true to size. Because of this returns and exchanges will not be accepted on the basis that the ring size is not correct.