How to care for your Violette Stehli jewelry


Jewelry items are delicate and should be handled with care. Remove your jewelry when washing hands, using any detergents or chemicals of any kind, as they may tarnish or harm the finish and gemstones. Avoid heat and any cleaning products, as this may change the appearance or color of the gemstones.

-Sterling silver

Sterling silver items will tarnish naturally, to clean gently wash under warm water with a toothbrush and dish soap, and polish with a soft cotton polishing cloth. Avoid knocking or dropping your jewelry, as gemstones may come loose or get chipped.

-Gold vermeil

Gold vermeil refers to an item of jewelry made in sterling silver plated with a thick layer of 24 karat gold. Gold plating will wear in time and the silver beneath will start to shine through. How long this takes depends on the amount of wear and environment the piece is exposed to. Avoid contact with water, detergents or chemicals of any kind as this may tarnish the finish. Store your gold plated jewelry away from your other jewelry to minimize wear and scratching and take jewelry off at night.  If you would like your piece to be re-plated, we offer a gold plating service for a small fee.

-Oxidised sterling silver

Some of our pieces are oxidised to give them a black finish. Oxidisation is a treatment of silver which changes the surface colour of silver to black. It is a temporary finish and with wear will reveal the silver underneath, lending a stronger surface character. How fast wears depends on the amount of contact with skin, water, and abrasive surfaces. Store your oxidised jewelry away from your other jewelry to minimise wear and scratching and take jewellery off at night. Avoid all contact with soaps, detergents, chemicals and water. We will happily re-oxidise any piece free or charge, however shipping charges will apply.


Items set with stones require particular care and attention. Rings and bracelets are particularly vulnerable to shocks that occur in everyday life as they are more exposed than earrings or necklaces. If your item of jewelry falls on a hard surface, make sure your stones are undamaged or haven’t become loosened by the shock.

Opals are extremely delicate and as such they are more fragile than most of stones due to the fact that they are made of amorphous silica and can consist of up to 21% water. Of course, they can still easily be worn on an every day basis as long as some precautions are taken. Never wear Opal Jewelry while you play sports or work in the garden. Opals can be scratched by something as little as dirt particles and any hard knocks can cause the Opal to crack. Opals will craze (develop cracks on the surface) and lose their play of color if their water evaporates. Storing your opal jewelry pieces wrapped in soft, moist cotton can prolong their life.

Please contact us at or using the contact form on this website for further information or care specific to your piece of jewellery.