Violette Stehli is an artist and jewelry designer. She works out of a leaky old factory built by her great-grandfather where she also tends to her extensive collection of rare plants in the company of her cats. She grew up in California, grad­u­ated from the Uni­ver­sity of Syd­ney’s School of the Arts and is based in Paris. 

With pieces made from casts of bones, teeth, claws and other organic materials she finds while travelling, Stehli’s work breaks the divisions between “nature” and “culture”. The results born from such processes have talismanic intentions, creating intimate connections between the wearer and the world. 

Since its inception, Stehli’s brand has naturally been committed to making sure everything that is made in the studio is as environmentally conscious and sustainable as it can possibly be. Materials used in the creation of each item of jewellery are sourced locally and incorporate Recycled or Responsible Jewellery Council metals. The studio also offers customers the possibility to recycle their old jewelry and stones into new bespoke pieces.

Because each piece of Violette Stehli jewellery is made entirely by hand in Paris using only metals, stones, and resources procured locally, the city of Paris has awarded the brand with the Fabriqué à Paris label, providing an added guarantee and recognition of the brand’s core principles.