Violette Stehli offers a bespoke fine jewelry service by appointment. 

The bespoke process involves creating one-of-a-kind jewels that intermingle your personal stories with Violette’s love for fine craftsmanship, rare stones, raw textures and precious materials.

Violette and her studio approach bespoke workmanship as highly collaborative: an intimate voyage across the narratives, inner landscapes, and meaningful events that shape our lives. Every project is as unique as the individual and, therefore, a personal one-on-one appointment is crucial before starting on a project together.

All bespoke clients are encouraged to come to these appointments with treasured keepsakes and artifacts they wish to incorporate into their custom pieces. Precious stones and metals are carefully sourced by the studio, or can be recycled from heirlooms brought by clients, giving new life to pieces that can be worn and passed down for generations to come.

"These relics instil each creation with a depth of sentiment that is unique to the individuals who bring them." 

Please contact us for an appointment or if you have any further question or inquiry.

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