Violette Stehli Jewelry has been awarded the Fabriqué à Paris label for the second year in a row

As part of the 10 finalists in the accessories competition Violette Stehli introduced the Guardians collection, a new series of seven jewels that continue to explore our connection as humans to the natural world.  The Pieces of the Guardians collection simultaneously attempt to preserve fragments of acutely personal moments in time, while also looking outward in a broader sense, to conserve elements of nature in a world that is in increasingly dire straits.  The collection was presented to a jury presided over by Christian Louboutin along with the Hortus Insectorum gloves, designed in collaboration with Hermès.

Because each piece of Violette Stehli Jewelry is made entirely by hand in Paris using only metals, stones, and ressources acquired locally in Paris, the city of Paris has renewed the brands Fabriqué à Paris label, which provides an added guarantee to the principles that are such a core part of the ethos of the brand. This year all of the pieces of the Tooth & Claw collection have been approved as part of the label.
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