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Sea Urchin Bangle

Sea Urchin Bangle

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A colossal bangle adorned with sea urchin spines (Colobocentrotus atratusand delicate granulation details evoking ancient Etruscan jewelry.

Sea urchins and their fossils have been used as protective talismans for centuries. They have been found in bronze age burial chambers, were treasured by Egyptian priests, the Norse believed they were dropped onto the Earth by the god Thor, and they were used as charms against drowning up until the 1900’s in certain parts of the British Isles.

With their capacity to inhabit areas with extreme water velocities as well as their sculptural protective spines, they are a testament to the capacities of species to evolve their own forms of resilience and protection.

The Sea Urchin Bangle is made using the lost-wax casting technique and is made from Responsible Jewelry Council certified sterling silver.

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