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Rough-Cut Cosmos Medallion

Rough-Cut Cosmos Medallion

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Stone: Amethyst

A roughly hewn celestial pendant, hand engraved and set with four stones of your choice. The Rough-Cut Cosmos Medallion is part of the Rough-Cut family: a collection of unisex jewels designed for everyday wear.

Each Rough-Cut Cosmos Medallion is unique and hand sculpted to order, so the pendant you get might be slightly different from the one on the featured photo.

If you would like your Rough-Cut Cosmos Medallion to be set with a different stones than those available above, please get in touch with us using the contact form here.

The Rough-Cut Cosmos Medallion is made from 18 karat Responsible Jewellery Council certified gold and comes on a 43cm curb link chain.

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