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One For Sorrow

One For Sorrow

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Stone: Ruby

Cast from a crow’s foot (Corvus corone) found in Lausanne in the spring of 2017.

Crows are some of the few animals that have learned to adapt their behaviours and take advantage of their proximity to humans. The One for Sorrow necklace encourages us to explore this relationship and pay closer attention to these fascinating creatures whose intelligence keeps revealing itself to us through scientific studies and observation.

Though we have come to think of crows as carrion birds and harbingers of bad omens, the founding myths of many cultures ranging from ancient Norse legends to traditional Native American lore revere the crow for its role as an emissary capable of traveling between the terrestrial and the spiritual realms.

Birds of the Corvidae family have been known to bring gifts to humans that protect or feed them in the form of shiny objects like keys, bottle caps or other small trinkets. Here, the crow bears 5 rubies which are associated with strength, safety and protection, in keeping with the talismanic themes of the collection.

The One For Sorrow Necklace is named after an 18th century British nursery rhyme. 

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