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Freyja Necklace

Freyja Necklace

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A talismanic necklace cast from cat teeth (Felis catus), named after the Norse goddess Freyja, known to ride a chariot pulled by two cats.

Cats have long been associated with protection of the domestic realm and have been our companions for over four thousand years. Despite this, it seems they have never chosen to reveal themselves fully to us, and as such retain an impenetrable aura of mystique.

This piece is a reminder of our inter-connectedness and our collaborative relationships with the natural world that surrounds us, whether it be our bond to these small mysterious creatures that live in our homes or to feral keystone species that we may never interact with, but to whom we owe our allyship just the same.

The Freyja necklace is available in Responsible Jewelry Council certified sterling silver on a 47cm long rolo-link chain.

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