Violette Stehli Jewelry has been awarded the Fabriqué à Paris label for the third year in a row

It’s the 4th consecutive year I’ve received the Label Fabriqué à Paris certification, which guarantees that each piece of Violette Stehli Jewelry is made entirely in Paris (by me), using only metals and stones sourced from trusted Parisian artisans and suppliers.

Each piece is made by hand in my studio in Paris, that so many of you have been to for bespoke jewelry appointments. The casting companies I work with are also based in Paris, so are my suppliers for tools and basically anything else that has to do with my jewelry business.

The certification means a lot to me and it’s a neat little moment when it gets renewed every year, but ultimately I’d be working the way I do regardless, just because I love the fact that every single stone in your jewels gets chosen by me, and every single piece that comes out of casting gets picked up in person by me as well, and all the people I work with have become really important to me over all these years that we have been working together, and seeing them every week gives me joy and energy as I work on your pieces

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